Reese Witherspoon not looking forward to promoting Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn

We all love Reese Witherspoon. Some of us even love Vince Vaughn, who’s boyish charm and deadpan delivery always makes us chuckle. So they would be a great couple to star in a movie together, right?

Wrong. Rumours started circulating earlier this year, with the commencement of filming for Four Christmases, that these two blockbuster movie stars can’t stand each other. Now, with the movie being completed and the promotional tour about to kick off, reports are coming in that Reese is dreading having to work with Vince again.

A friend of Reese’s recently revealed to OK! magazine that Reese has titled Vince as “the biggest child I’ve ever met!“, a similar sentiment she herself revealed during an interview: “I said to him one day, ‘People can’t talk as fast as you think.’ You can’t keep up with him. But I feel like I’ve been in training — Vince Vaughn training!“.

The friend went on to say “Promoting a movie involves long hours, and she’ll have to spend a lot of time with someone who gets under her skin” and concluded with “Reese is professional — she’ll grit her teeth, fake a smile and pose for pictures — but she’s not looking forward to it.”

Four christmases is about a couple who struggle to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas day. The movie, also starring Robert Duvall, Jon Favreau and Sissy Spacek, is set to hit theaters Nov 26th.

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